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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assisted Living?

Professional suite of services specifically designed to keep a person “who is not able to live their routine life by themselves and needs assistance for various daily living activities like bathing/ sponging, feeding, toileting, mobility via walker/ wheel chair etc” comfortable at home is known as assisted living.

What is home health care?

Professional suite of services specifically designed to keep an old age person or an infant or an individual with a specific medical condition comfortable at home is known as home healthcare.

What is the suite of services in home healthcare?

Home healthcare service suite includes geriatric cum old age assisted living, elderly companionship, baby care services, new born baby and mother care, long term medical care to improve the quality of life for bed ridden patients, post hospital rehabilitation, palliative cum end of life care nursing.

What is the different category of staff provided by J-Rafa Care?

J-Rafa Care deal in the organized supply of elderly caretakers cum companions (Level 1), Trained Medical Attendants (Level 2), Qualified Nurses (Level 3) & ICU specialized Nurses (Level 4) on full time as well as visit basis , Physiotherapists (BPT/MPT), Emergency Medical officers ( BAMS/ MBBS) and Consultants on visit basis as per patient needs. Level 1 to level 4 support system can be requested for as low as 1 hr upto 24 hrs basis.

Do J-Rafa Care supply medical equipments?

Yes, J-Rafa Care does provide medical equipments on rental basis. It include mechanical as well as electrical patient beds, air mattress, suction machine, oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinder, BiPAP, CPAP, DVT Pump etc. Equipments are being supplied for min of 1 month commitment and there is a refundable security deposit being asked for every equipment supplied by us.

Do J-Rafa Care Supply Baby sitters/ Nanny as well?

Yes, baby sitter service is a very new service area for us. We are more focused around providing specialized new born baby and mother care services for up to 45 days of new born birth, service suite includes baby oiling/ massaging, baby bathing, counseling of mother for breast feeding, mother light massaging etc.

What is the qualification and job responsibilities of elderly care taker?

Elderly caretakers are specifically trained to take care of bed ridden/ semi bed ridden client’s personal needs. In terms of qualification, they are 8th to 12th passed outs. Job responsibilities of elderly care taker include assistance in various daily living activities like bathing/ sponging, feeding, walking, toileting, oiling/ light massaging, exercise, hospital transfers/ clinical appointments etc.

What is the qualification and job responsibility of elderly companions?

Min qualification of Elderly companion is 8th and many of them are graduates as well. Job responsibilities of elderly companion include spending healthy time with elderly, playing cards/ fun games, accompanying them for nearby parks/ social gatherings, doctor appointments, connecting with their kids over skype / internet video call etc

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